Hervey Bay Amateur Fishing Club Profile

    Hervey Bay Amateur Fishing Club was incorporated in 1975 and currently has 133 financial members. Membership consists of four different types of Memberships, they are Life Members, Family Membership, Senior Memberships and Junior Memberships.

    Our members have had up to 33 years’ experience in local fishing. We actively promote recreational fishing with in the Fraser Coast Area, we achieve this through conducting, social events, monthly fishing competitions, junior tuition and fishing technique clinics, liaison with the Department of Fisheries, Membership of Fishing Alliance and interaction with other fishing clubs and organisations with in the Fraser Coast Area.

    In 2016, the club has fulfilled the founding member’s vision of erecting a clubhouse. The club successful applied for a community grant and the shed due to be completed by January 2017. The club also applied for a grant to construct a BBQ Trailer, which was also successful, this project that was completed in October 2016. The trailer is used for fundraising and to loan to other community groups.

    The fishing club in 2015 introduced a new fishing monthly competition, which was based on catch and release taking photos and using the photos for the weigh in. The dead weight weigh in still exists but is slowly been replaced by the photo method. This has helped in reducing the impact of recreational fishing on fish stocks by an estimated 250 kilos per year. The club now has the electronic equipment to complete the changeover to complete photos, we estimate that we would replace the dead weight weigh in system totally by 2020 -21.

    The responsibility of the day-to-day management of the club falls with the executive committee consisting of President, Treasurer and Secretary. A committee, consisting of Vice President, Social Convenor, Publicity Officer, Weigh in Master, Vice Weigh in Master and 5 other committee members, assists them
    The clubs fund raising consists of weekly raffles on Wednesday Afternoon 5 pm at the Hervey Bay Sports Club on Tavistock Street and Sausage Sizzles at Bunnings and other venues.

    The Club conducts a Education Hour every Wednesday to improve the knowledge of members fishing.

    The club participates in the annual Inter Club Fishing Challenge between the six fishing clubs in the Fraser Coast Area. We have been successful in winning the event we are the Current Champions, winning three in the last 6 years and runner up3 times. Our juniors have won the championship for the last 6 years.

    Membership for the years 2010 to 2018:

    • 2010 56 members
    • 2011 48 members
    • 2012 38 members
    • 2013 37 members
    • 2014 48 members
    • 2015 71 members
    • 2016 98 members
    • 2017 159 members
    • 2018 178 members
    • 2019 153 members
    • 2020 133 members

    The club actively communicates and assists other community clubs and groups within our area providing the BBQ trailer at a reduced rate to assist their Fundraising. Members have conducted fishing clinics for schoolchildren in Burrum Heads and the local sea cubs’ group over the past years.

    The club promotes interaction with other local fishing clubs, department of fisheries and leads recreational fishing with current up to date fishing practices and fish identification.


    Strategic Plan 2019 - 2020

    1. Identify and dispose of Assets which are not being used and costing the Club funds annually.
    2. To achieve Budgeted Profit for 2020.
    3. To review all expenditure and reduce where necessary.
    4. To establish and document Procedures for all facets of the Secretary’s position.
    5. To Increase Membership Yearly to reach a target of 150 by 1st October 2020.
    6. To establish a Promotional Plan and Officer to increase the Clubs Profile within the Fraser Coast Area.
    7. To increase and train the number of core members that participate in Fund Raising Events.
    8. To conduct at least 3 Junior Training Events annually.
    9. To ensure that Committee Members have Blue Cards and change Constitution
    10. To introduce new members to the fishing areas by way of tag along trips, personal one on one tuition and prove GPS co-ordinates for local areas
    11. To have regular social outings and day fishing trips for members
    12. To introduce charter boat day fishing trip per year competition.
    13. To have at least one away competition yearly.
    14. To win the Inter Club Fishing Competition.
    15. To promote Sponsor’s business through our club, website, newsletters and information media
    16. To promote Recreational Fishing within the Fraser Coast Region and build stronger ties and relationship with other fishing clubs and community clubs.
    17. To prepare to convert the club from dead weight weigh-ins to photographic weigh ins.
    18. To run 3 Hamper Raffles per year
    19. Purchase and Install New Set of Heavy Weighing Scales



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